Bill Kitson


Released 29th January 2010

How do you solve a crime when there's no evidence one has been committed? When Sarah Kelly fails to return from a night out, DI Mike Nash can only speculate, until a chance remark causes him to look deeper into other cases; girls who have vanished without trace. Nash spots chilling similarities: no bodies, no witnesses, all disappearances explained away.

While investigating seemingly unconnected crimes, Nash strives to come to grips with the psyche of a most unusual serial killer. He needs to find a solution and fast as two more women vanish, making it personal and potentially fatal; both for Nash and for the women who have been chosen....

ISBN: 978-0-7090-8966-7


The plot of this book is disturbingly believable.....   The police procedure descriptions.....seem more like real life than the convenient CSI view of investigations.... a good addition to the rich wealth of British crime fiction."                               Amanda Brown. August 2010

‘Chosen...displays Bill's talent for creating tightly-layered plots that move along at cracking pace. In Mike Nash, he has created a complex, intriguing character, a tortured soul and maverick detective who could easily follow the well-trodden footprints of TV detectives such as Jack Frost or Morse.’

Bradford Telegraph & Argus, May 2010

This book was definitely scary. If you happen to read it at night when you're alone, you might just find yourself looking over your shoulder. You might want to make a point of sitting with your back to the wall. It's a very emotional ride, very faced paced and will keep you in it's grip until the was a very enjoyable, suspenseful read and I'd love to read more from this author.’                    



‘Psychiatrists say serial killers actually want to get caught, so they can enjoy the limelight of their own notoriety. This one’s different.’ These are the words of Detective Inspector Mike Nash, a North Yorkshire policeman so committed to solving his case that his sleep is haunted by its victims.

On a routine Saturday morning at Helmsdale police station, a woman comes in and reports that her daughter has gone missing. A regular, decent girl, she wouldn’t normally stay out beyond 3 a.m.

Soon there are sinister discoveries. A handbag, found in a back alley. A conveniently damaged street camera. Something bad has happened to Sarah Kelly. The book’s title says it all – Sarah has been selected.

Enquiries proceed briskly, at the engineering company where she worked, at a shady film club and at a seedy pub where another violent crime has taken place. With several suspects emerging from society’s sagging underbelly, an anxious voice inside Nash’s head starts urging him to re-examine previous unexplained disappearances. Alarming similarities are thrown up, giving Nash a terrible sense of urgency which transmits directly to the reader like a hypodermic into a vein.

This believable and very human detective stepped into the crime thriller arena, accompanied by his CID colleagues Pearce and Mironova, in Bill Kitson’s first book Depth of Despair, published last year. At his home on the rugged Yorkshire coast, Mr Kitson sits at his desk and thinks himself deep into the minds of his villains and coppers. He sketches his characters so deftly and clearly that you find yourself mentally casting them for TV.

His prose style is punchy, its potency undiluted by anything that would slow the pace. He makes his red herrings play their part in the drama – they are not allowed to flounder uselessly in the net. And the introduction of Jimmy Johnson, as nice a burglar as you could ever meet, is a well-timed change in the tone of this very dark novel.

Jenny Drewery, Scarborough Evening News, February 2010

‘Inspector Nash is back in this excellent yarn about a serial killer and the usual, but highly enjoyable race against time. Bill Kitson has all the right elements here for a cracking story, and he doesn't disappoint. Nash is terrific - his legendary near-psychic powers are not overplayed, and the whole thing romps along tremendously well. A real winner.’

BOOKSMONTHLY online magazine, February 2010

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