Bill Kitson


Twenty-five years ago, a consignment of illicit diamonds en route to London vanished, together with their couriers. Within months, East End gangster, Max Perry, was murdered after suffering horrific torture. Accused of killing a rival, Max’s nephew, Ray, was sentenced to life. On his release, Ray heads for Helmsdale but becomes the victim of a hit-and-run. Mike Nash and his team determine it was no accident. Following the murder of a garage mechanic, Nash discovers a link to an unidentified skeleton found years ago in Helmsdale woodland. How do crimes committed long ago in London connect to the current violence in Helmsdale?

The body count rises as the detectives struggle to keep pace with those who would prefer the truth remains Buried in the Past.



'Nash and Miranova are back! This time it's diamond smuggling and gangland killings, with a quarter of a century linking the various murders and executions. Of all the detective duos in contemporary fiction, Nash and Miranova is the one I would dearly love to see on the small screen... Bill Kitson's skill at weaving an extraordinary story peopled with realistic characters and terrific, believable dialogue, is exemplary, and I'm glad to see publisher Robert Hale sticking with him. Terrific stuff.'


                                                                                                         Books Monthly, on-line magazine. April 2014

Now also available to download in e-book format.

ISBN: 9780-7198-1230-9

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