Bill Kitson


ISBN: 978-0-7090-9207-0

Released 31st March 2011

When you take an ordinary man and train him to kill, he becomes dangerous. When his mind is clouded by drugs, he becomes unstable. When he loses everything he loves, he becomes a lethal killing machine.

DI Mike Nash investigates a suspicious house fire, the bizarre murder of a young drug addict and the disappearance of a scientist’s daughter. When animal rights activists lay siege to a laboratory that is later destroyed, Nash and his colleagues are almost overwhelmed by the upsurge in violence.

Their enquiries point to a man with a burning desire for revenge. But is he responsible? Or, are more sinister forces at work? Nash has to penetrate a cloak of secrecy to establish the truth.

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* News-flash - Altered Egos nominated for the 2011 CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger *


A bang up to date conspiracy theory thriller that encompasses a dodgy and deadly chemicals company, an even dodgier and deadlier government department, an SAS trooper on his own personal revenge and a policeman who is willing to risk his career in the course of justice. Bill Kitson expertly leads you down dark and dangerous paths.

                                                                                                                            Northern Echo, May 2011

What do you do when you’ve lost everything? If you’re a trained killer you want revenge. And if your physical and mental capabilities have been boosted by a cocktail of drugs, your revenge will be terrible.

.....Something deeply unsettling is going on, which the author Bill Kitson makes frighteningly feasible, constructing a plot that slips quickly into the fast lane. It starts with an ambush in the desert and switches to a domestic tragedy in North Yorkshire and a break-in at a secluded laboratory. Then, in a lonely village, a cottage burns to the ground. Enter DI Mike Nash and his crew.....  

Bill Kitson’s fourth thriller is a sinister story that implicates the mighty and powerful.  Character descriptions are kept to a minimum, but the players in the drama are nonetheless convincing and believable......  It’s a dark, unnerving piece of work, and the pace is frantic.

Don’t read it on a bus. You’ll miss your stop.

                                                                                             Jenny Drewery, Scarborough Evening News, April 2011


..... entertaining read as we follow DI Mike Nash on another intriguing case in which a number of apparently unrelated crimes are drawn together by the tenacity and determination of Mike and his team. ...... they have no idea their investigation will lead to the activities of animal rights campaigners, kidnapping, revenge and murder. It's all here, taking place in Yorkshire, and will please crime aficionados.

                                                                                                          Bill Spence, Malton Gazette & Herald, June 2011

Bill Kitson pulls out all the stops in this latest Mike Nash - squaddies back from Afghanistan with murder in mind, mind-altering drugs, animal rights activists - all contemporary themes and all knitted together seamlessly in a modern police procedural that still has time for the private lives of the policemen and women on the front line. Little humour in this one, but it's realistic and gritty, and it will keep you on tenterhooks.

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eBook available 31st Aug 2013